ETD Services

Echelon Tactical Defence security solutions are based on a flexible and modern approach to the provision of 'personal and corporate safety' for our clients in today's hostile business environment.   

Echelon Tactical Defence was formed to provide professional and business orientated security solutions to the needs of our clients, therefor we only deploy trained and experienced ex military and proffesional personnel.
This way we can ensure high quality and standards toward our clients. 

In addition to our security service we also offer a wide range of training courses.
All our training will be adapted to the needs of our customers and conducted by certified trainers.

We also offer the possibility for the purchase of a wide range of equipment for security and government.
Please contact us for more information.

Service information 


Deploying of armed security teams.

On board crew training.

Consulting for vessel preparation.


Consulting and risk assessments

Personal Security Detail for private and government entities

Close Protection Officers and Security Drivers

Venue and residential security

Convoy security

Force Protection and Static Guards


Defence and governmental Logistic Support

Training for private and government personnel

Sales of equipment for security and government

If you have any questions or want more detailed information about our services,
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Your security is our priority.