About ETD

Echelon Tactical Defence is a security service provider for hostile environments based in the Netherlands.

We provide security services for our clients who work in high risk and hostile environments and our services are tailor made to fit the needs of the international (business) community as well as private persons.

We offer dedicated, trained and experienced ex military and proffesional personnel to ensure and maintain a high quality and standard. In a close co-operation with our international network of specialists we provide a diverse range of high risk security and consulting services to assist with finding the solution to a multitude of issues for a wide variety of clients in every region of the world.

Our global network of experts and professionals allows us to provide internationally a high standard of quality in our service.
We work closely with government agencies to ensure that our service satisfies the law.

Our mission 

Our mission is to provide a range of security services to enable our clients to operate in high risk and hostile environments, find solutions to security and risk management problems and help to resolve crisis.

When you deal with Echelon Tactical Defence, you are dealing with an motivated security company who is dedicated to the protection and safety of our clients in a professional manner. Our business is to save lives and assets, and we are serious about it.

Your security is our priority.